[Digital Delivery] The Couple's Tughra Seal

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Introducing The Couples' Tughra Seal, featuring beautiful custom Arabic calligraphy logos of yours and your loved one's first names, intertwined. Each Couples' Tughra Seal is handwritten by our calligraphers in Indonesia, and delivered to you digitally for use.

Couples' Tughras can not only be used on nikahnamas, but also for stationary, stamps, decals, your family coat of arms, anniversary gifts, whatever your heart desires!

The Couples' Tughra takes 1-2 weeks to be delivered, and will be delivered via e-mail as a transparent .png or .svg file. Because each seal is hand-crafted, one round of edits is allowed for any changes or edits to your seal.

*The photo above is only an illustration of how the seal can be used. Only the Arabic calligraphy will be delivered digitally, as shown below.