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Muslim Wedding Contracts

Designed by real Muslim artisans, real calligraphers, & real Muslim scholars. Proud to have launched as the world's first nikahnama site.



Our Promise to You:

Only real art, no clip art.

Our nikahnama are real designs by real artists. Each nikahnama design started out by hand on paper, giving them a handmade feel that sets them apart from the rest. They are either original ideas, or reimagined historical manuscripts by real artists. We do not license any designs from stock websites, and instead support the work of real artists. We solely own the copyright to all of our nikahnamas, which is why our designs are so unique. We believe that the use of stock graphics threatens the creativity in our community and the livelihood of traditional Islamic artisans. Read more here.

Supporting a chain of tradition

Our calligraphy is as beautiful as it is because it is commissioned by us and composed by hand, by real certified calligraphers with ijazah (the Arabic calligrapher's diploma) before being scanned and processed for our nikahnamas. Our compositions are copyrighted and unique. More beautiful art by our artisans can be found at our sister site, Silsila.

We can also include custom calligraphy of the couples' names as a tughra seal as a part of your nikahnama.

Partnering with real Muslim scholars

We have also worked with Islamic scholars to provide a full 4-page marriage contract with precise, shariah-compliant wording, that is sent digitally with each order. It includes statements of all of the requirements for a valid nikah as well as optional appendix points. Our nikahnama packages are real contracts, not just pretty pieces of paper.

Don't forget the details.

Our nikahnamas act as a beautiful cover page to your full Islamic marriage contract. Each purchase comes with a basic digital 4-page Islamic contract that can be edited to your preferences, or you can opt to use your officiant's contract.

Choose your text.

Choose your text based on your language and signature box preferences. Anniversary options are also available.

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Purchasing is easy.

1. Choose from our nikah or anniversary texts
2. Select your design, add your nikah details
3. After purchase, we'll send you a proof to review before fulfilling your order (limit 3 rounds of proofs)

a history

the nikahnama tradition

Decorated nikahnamas have been used by Muslims for centuries, and kept as heirlooms. They were once the couple's only wedding keepsake.

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A calligrapher's touch
Tughra Seals
Commission our calligrapher to design a seal of your names. Our tughra seals are handcrafted by our trained Arabic calligraphers, and can be used on your nikahnama and in your stationary and decor. Personal tughras also available.
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Available in 3 styles.