Because your marriage is worth the paper it's signed on.

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Customize your nikahnama

Our nikahnamas are available in several luminous styles. Choose from one of our nikah or anniversary texts. For further custom options or handcrafted nikahnamas, please contact us.

Purchasing is easy:

Start your marriage intentionally.

Our nikahnamas act as a cover page to your full marriage contract.

With each purchase of a nikahnama comes a digital 4-page Islamic contract that the couple can use to edit to their preferences, and start their marriage intentionally.

“I love that I can put our nikahnama on display in our home and have a daily reminder of the promise my husband and I made to each other on our marriage day”

- Umber C.

A beautiful art piece crafted with intricacy in light of the sanctity of the tradition we uphold and adore.

Rashid H.

I love that with Nikahnama, I was able to have a contract that was as thoughtful as it was beautiful.

Raeesa K.

We loved the final product - the whole package was beautiful! We couldn’t be happier!

Bisma S.